ANTM : Why did I believe?

Saleisha During the summer I worked from home. In order to help me not feel so alone, I kept my television on most of the time. MTV seems to play a marathon of something or other each day, and the program on the most seemed to be America’s Next Top Model. I got pretty addicted to it, even though for the record, I can’t stand Tyra Banks. This season I thought it would be fun to follow it, and watch it without already knowing who won.This season followed the same pattern as all the others, but had less Tyra. This is probably due to the fact that she has a talk show and can’t be expected to play a huge part in the show. From the very beginning there were two clear front runners, Chantal, and Saleisha, who of course were the final two. I has been rooting for Saleisha for the last 6 weeks, even though I knew this was because of the way that they edit their shows; making her look horrible at first, then all of the sudden she is portrayed as perfect. I wasn’t shocked when she won last night, and I was actually happy.Today at on my homepage feeds, I saw a headline that caught my attention, Saleisha Tops Top Model, Cue the Carping from my E! online feed. I can’t believe what it said, and why Perezdidn’t report on this sooner. Apparently Saleisha was already a working model. The beginning of the season mentioned that she had experience, but they did not nearly reveal all the secrets. I knew already that she had attended Tyra Banks self-esteem kind of camp for girls when she was younger. Not only has she been in national commercials, but has been on the runway on the Tyra Banks show! I am getting so sick of the length that these reality shows will go to in order to make the show their way. I already know that The Hills is fake, and I don’t even care that much because it is painfull obvious. But come on, how can ANTM pick a girl like this?!  Didn’t they know someone would put this footage online?Who knows what will happen next cycle. I am guessing Adriana Lima will finally get a $100,000 cover girl contract!


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