Does this change your mind?


heinz-ketchup012109It’s all how you look at it. Americans love ketchup, it it s fact. Or at least, I like to think so. We know that it is bad for us. We know that it has tons of sugar. And yes, we also know that generally it comes from tomatoes. But does changing the way that it looks change the contents?

Heinz has decided to play off of American’s new found “natural” health craze, and change its label. This is the first time since the 1940’s. They decided to put a vine ripened tomato on the label to convey a message that the product indeed does come from tomatoes. However, they did not change the contents of the ketchup. They knew they wanted a new label, and they knew what they wanted on it. 

I am sure they will see a bit of a rise in sales, much as they did when they came out with green and purple condiments. But if you ask me, they should have also worked on changing the inside contents. They have created an organic ketchup already, this just seems confusing.


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