Pepsi must love Obama

The other day I was watching tv (usual) and watching the commercials (unusual, but tivo gets mad at me sometimes and doesn’t cooperate). I was so surprised to see that Pepsi had actually changed their logo. 

This logo to me of course resembles the old logo, but doesn’t it also look like Obama’s? I had been thinking about this a little more each time that I saw it. Not to mention that it also looks like the Korean Air logo. Not to original if you ask me. I wasn’t the only one who saw this though. In fact, Pepsi has even responded to the overwhelming criticism. Kinda sounds like Pepsi almost suggests that Obama saw inspiration in Pepsi. Mr. Frank Cooper from Pepsi, also seems to turn a press conference into an opportunity to reflect upon the state of the nation. It doesn’t seem to matter who is the copy cat, because actually both logos are supposed to reflect on optimism and happiness. :)


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