A Perfect Match -infoMania

What do get when you mix witty comedy, advertising, and pop culture? Answer, my new love. During the Super Bowl, I did my usual routine, try not to watch it. Most people like me watch it for the commercials, but for me, football just isn’t entertaining enough to keep my focus. This time I decided to get some work done, and turn on the old tube. I turned to current, the user generated news network. Typically when I watch current, I see some really interesting story, and this time it was some comedy show. I wasn’t too excited about that, but I was in for a treat. For those of you who like The Soup, there is show on current that you must catch, especially if you are a woman, it is InfoMania. Specifically there is a segment called Target Women. It is amazing. The host Sarah Haskins is hilarious when it comes to her critique on female culture. 

Just had to share this link with ya’ll. If you have current, it is on Thursdays at 10pm. But you watch online as well.


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