My <3 of Coffee

People tell me that too much caffeine is not good for you… especially since I live in Utah. But it makes me so happy. I enjoy having my 20 ounces every morning, and if I am feeling special, a extra cup later in the day. Right now I am in my local coffee shop, where I spend my lunch breaks, and I am drinking just a cup of the house blend. The flavor is so delicious. And it isn’t just the coffee that I love, it is the culture around it. Everyone here is by themselves, enjoying whatever it is that they want. One guy reads the local indie paper, smiling every once and a while. One lady is reading a novel. Not sure what it is, but it has flowers on the cover. Another older man is on his laptop, clicking away, and tapping his foot to the tunes in his ear buds. This is why I like coffee, it can be communal, or solitary. And they don’t need to mix. We already have something in common. We like coffee, and like to sit here for a lengthy period of time. Coffee makes me feel like this constantly. I am part of a culture of cool people, as lame as it sounds.


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