Truths & Friends

42-20036810So you may have noticed that the world isn’t doing so hot these days. Unemployment, debt, terrorism, war, dependency on oil… the list goes on and on. How much of all of this are we going to remember? For my generation, we may look at this as a slight setback. Maybe we don’t get a house as soon as we would like. Maybe that dream job is just a little further out of reach.

I like most was pondering thoughts like this a lot. Until one day when I came to a realization. Well, not so much as a realization, but more so an exposure of my truth. Everyone has their truths. Mine may not be the same as yours, but you won’t be able to convince me otherwise because to me, there are certain things that I hold absolutely true. The joy of my life is that I get to discover my truths one by one. 

Before this time in my life, I was so focused on success. It wasn’t even my idea of success. I wanted a career, respect, culture, all before I was expected to have it. Right out of college I wanted to be a hot shot. This was pretty discouraging given the recent happenings in the world. How was I supposed to be on top when no one was? Now though, it has changed. 

So back to my truth. My newest truth is that what matters in life are your relationships. We have many. I have relationships with friends, family, coworkers, acquaintances, God, and even myself. I have discovered that these relationships need to be full of love, respect, and compassion. We all need each other to survive. Of course, many of the greats have said this, including the Great Himself. What should make us happy is being content with your relationships. Pleasing your friends by caring, pleasing God by doing what you know He says is right. I find so much joy when I put aside my worldly thoughts and desires, and follow God. Friendships are God given. He lets us experience an example of how much he loves us, by revealing meaningful friendships to us. 

Be thankful.Treat each other kindly. Reconnect with those you love. These are all truths that I am focusing on at the moment. This helps me to put aside what it is going on. Not ignore, it, but not let it get me down. What is going to matter in my life are my relationships with those around me.


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