Keep it simple stupid. I can’t remember when I first heard this, or even why, but nowadays, it seems to be the one clear message that God is sending me. Everyday we complicate things to point of confusion. When you take a moment to step back, and list out what it is that you did during the day, do you ever feel like 80% of what you did will not matter tomorrow? For me, I realize that if I spend my time stressing, counting the diminishing funds in my bank account, I will have wasted a precious day of my life. Everything that have been given is a gift. Even if you don’t believe in God, you do realize that you time here is limited. Are you creating a history for yourself that you will be proud of?

While I embark on this next journey of my life, I want to truly keep it EXTREMELY simple. I want to treat others as they should be treated, see the country, marvel at God’s creation, and create lasting memories. These are simple pleasures, that even a child can enjoy. I feel called to again, take a step back, and remove myself from this shell that I created for myself during the last two years.


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