California to New Mexico

Well this is my first blog entry from my new life on the road. All in all it is going really well. Currently I am writing from a very cool coffee shop in Amarillo, TX (many ca coffee shops would be jealous of how neat this one is). We drove over 8 hours today, and it felt like nothing. Anyway… here is the update.

We officially got on the road on Tuesday and left for Las Vegas. The new van is running like a dream. We got to LV in no time and hit the casino right way. I lost about $8 in 30 seconds, so that was the end of my gambling. The show that night went really well. We alo met up with some old friends from high school who live in LV with their two adorable kids. It was so comforting to see some familiar faces that we hadn’t seen in over 4 years.The next day we were off to Flagstaff, AZ where the boys played a house show for some other friends from Hemet. Flagstaff was a beautiful city. Much colder than so cal currently is. Then we were off to Tucson. I had no idea that Tucson was such a cool city. It is very artistic and indie. The venue that they played at was so cool. It was a converted art space that had local artists’ work all over. The kids there were super stoked to see ABE. We met some great people there, especially a few who were already fans of CommunityRecords. Bryan made some great connections for the next tour. El Paso was the next stop.

Now I need to pause and let people know the situation. Bryan had been getting a little frustrated at this point. In his mind, tour had not been meeting his expectations. He realized that that was not the best way to look at the situation. Here we are on the road with the freedom to really go after God’s calling for our lives, and he was starting to focus on the fact that there were not enough kids at the shows. Bryan and I decided to pray that night. We prayed that God would help us to remember why we have faith in Him. God provides, and we need to never doubt his power. We were afraid that we wouldn’t eat that night and would need to sleep on the side of the road. Well, wouldn’t you know, God came out and showed us once again, how amazing he is. We met the best guys at the show. Not only did they give us enough money to continue on the road, but they bought us dinner, and even a hotel room. They were just so generous and felt compelled to help ABE out as much as possible. Through all of it, ABE was able to keep going w/o any hesitation.

I am so grateful to be here, and can’t wait to see what the rest of the road has in store for us. I also just finished a great book. It is calling  Becoming The Answer To Our Own Prayers : Prayer For Ordinary Radicals. It is by Shane Clairborne and Jonathon Wilson-Hartgrove. All about how we can prayer for social justice, and freedom, but we need to work on it together as a community. A great quick read.


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