Blessings From Texas

I am convinced that Texas is one of the best places to be. Texans are genuinely happy people who love to help you out. While I was writing my last blog entry, I was in Amarillo watching ABE play a small coffee house. When we first we arrived at the small, but very cool venue, we weren’t sure how the show was going to turn out. Again, God showed us his amazing grace. While the show was small, the crowd was in love with their music. People began to draw nearer and nearer and started to bob their heads and tap their toes to the beat. After the show, so many people came up and bought a CD, told the band how much their enjoyed their music, and even hung around just to talk. It is really amazing. Everyday we are fed and have a place to sleep. I am convinced that this is what ABE is meant to do.


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