Southern Hospitality – My Reality

Greetings from the road to Nashville. Since Texas, traveling has been going to so fast. An average car ride is about 3 hours daily. This however, only seems to last about an hour. Everyone is reading, playing video games, or in my case, blogging. This can sometimes be both a blessing and a curse, considering that every place that we have traveled to so far is completely beautiful. A common thing to hear among the group is “I want to live here.”

Texas was lovely. Again, can’t believe how fast the time flew. We were there for a full week, jumping all around. El Paso, Amarillo, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, & Houston. Texas for the most part are very happy, and are proud to be from Texas. We met some amazing people, and were welcomed with open arms into many homes.

After Texas, we were off to our second home, Louisiana. This may sound weird to many, but we ALL love Louisiana. Not only do some of our best friends live there (PFAL, a band ABE toured with in the past), but the new label is based there as well. Louisiana is so beautiful. green everywhere & old buildings with lots of character. We were able to enjoy some real cajun food, as well as have a taste of strawberry beer. If you can try Amita’s seasonal brew, I highly recommend it. Especially because I don’t even like beer, and I actually enjoyed it. Austin, our friend from Baton Rouge took us around the city. We saw the LSU campus, some old fashion boat casinos on the Mississippi river, and beautiful neighborhoods with trees that shade the entire streets.

New Orleans was home to the label’s huge ska festival. Over 500 kids showed up and were ready to party the whole time. The fans were so enthusiastic and happy to see their favorite bands. It was infectious. Some bands worth checking out are The Zydepunks, Los Skarnales, Stuck Lucky, and Fatter Than Albert.

After Louisiana we hit Mississippi & Alabama. I had no idea that Birmingham was so pretty. Even older buildings, and the downtown is very classic city. But every now and then you catch a cobblestone road. Now we are off to Nashville, and I couldn’t be more excited. I have never been to Tennessee, and neither have any of the other boys.

My mom sent me these affirmations today, and I wanted to share. Enjoy!

Through faith in God, my mind receives Divine ideas and I am wise and
enlightened. I make decisions clearly and surely.

Through faith in God, my body is bathed in Divine light and wholeness. I
am whole and well. My body is kept in perfect working order.

Through faith in God, I place myself in God’s Divine order. I am in
harmony with life, and good things are manifest in all that concerns me.
Through faith in God, I experience ever-expanding prosperity and
abundance. I am prospered and abundance flows to me.

Through faith in God, God reveals the way for me to live in love and peace
with all people in my home, workplace and every place that I dwell.


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