Up The East Coast

After Florida we headed up the east coast. Had a few long drives but they were beautiful. Growing up in California, I never really saw landscapes that were fully green wherever you look. Out on the east coast, it is so beautiful. South & North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, all these places make you understand why early settlers thought this country was so beautiful.

We spent a few days in Maryland recently. We stayed with Andrew’s girlfriend’s aunt’s house in Pasadena, Maryland. While the days were a little rainy, they were filled with lots of good times. Recently, they had a litter of boxers. There were 6, 1-month year old pups that were loving life. I couldn’t pull myself away. I was constantly surrounding myself with as many of them as possible.

7 of us also spent a day in Washington DC. Again, it was a rainy day, but beautiful. This was my second visit to DC, and I loved it. We went to 2 Smithsonian museums, The National Gallery, Washington Monument, and Lincoln Memorial. It was strange to see so many people wearing Obama hype clothing. Lots of kids on field trips wearing “I <3 Michelle Obama” shirts.

Now we are visiting old friends out in Cape May, NJ. It is sweet little coastal town. My friend is in the Coast Guard, and they have set up a nice little life out here. We have had a lot of days off recently, but I have been getting a lot done. I am so thankful to be here right now, and I know I wouldn’t be able to do this without God’s help. You can never underestimate what He can do for you.


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