A quick note about positive thinking

Honestly, everything that you have heard about positive thinking working for you is true.

Through out the spring tour with ABE, I battled with caring too much about money, jobs, bills, etc. But towards the end, I read a book about living in the now. Creating a new consciousness in the world. People all over are waking up, and realizing that we can change our situation.

Once you decide that you want to live in the present moment, and forget about the past experiences that you have been told make you who you are, you have freedom, to break the cycle and become a much happier person. This may only apply to people like me, who although I considered myself to positive person in the past, I was guilty of keeping grudges, judging others, and having feelings of worthlessness. Yes, like many, I was considered to be depressed. Now though, I feel that depression is an addiction. It is something you are conditioned to think is ok. Every day, you go through the same song and dance, of feeling like crap, and this ironically becomes comforting.

Then one day, you can tell yourself, your true self, that is not you. You are not defined by sadness, but by peace. I believe our true nature is to be happy with what is around us. Not to ignore what “bad” is out there, but to ackowledge it, and not indentify with. After all, everything passes, happiness and sadness, good and bad. So, in the end, once you consider the present moment to be full of peace, you suddenly find youself in a consistent state of peace.

So that is my new realization. Though this is vague, I just hope it can inspire a few to see that positive thinking can free you. In the last month I have tried my best to stay positive about my situation (no job, broke, etc) and through it can happily report that I had work opportunities, and enough money to continue to live out on the open road supporting Bryan and A Billion Ernies. I believe this is what I am called to do, and the more things work out for the better, the more convinced I am doing good.


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