My Life as a Vegetarian

As I am coming up to my year anniversary of becoming a vegetarian, I am starting to realize how happy I am with the choice that I made.

At first becoming a vegetarian, was a leap of faith, something that I would try again, but this time with effort. Now it is an easy lifestyle, that makes me feel great. Before becoming a vegetarian, I honestly looked it as something I would love to do, but couldn’t find the strength. What is most interesting to me, is how my mindset has changed in some areas, almost completely. My reasons for not become a vegetarian sooner are so trivial, and now seem insignificant. If you are thinking that changing your lifestyle to a life without meat is impossible, then I would hope that you take a closer look at your reasons.

Originally I became a vegetarian because it seemed like something that I was meant to do. Not everyone looks at vegetarians and vegans and thinks “I want to be like that.” So that in itself was something. However, while in the beginning I made the decision based on how I finally realized I didn’t need meat, and I didn’t really like it, now I am concerned mostly with animal welfare and the farming industry.

If you were like me, and played with the idea, I strongly recommend that you read Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer, visit, and do research on the state of agricultural America. Most people do not know where their meat comes from, or their food for that matter, and I strongly believe that if more knew, more would make more conscience choices when it comes to food that they eat.


One thought on “My Life as a Vegetarian

  1. I agree. Good for you. I am proud of you. I also think there is something to be said for those of us that eat meat and are more inclined to know where it comes from. There is such a thing as “responsible meat consumption.”

    (I still read your blog)

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