Halloween Costume – Margot Tenenbaum

This year I tried to go all out and make a big effort for Halloween. I had been thinking about this ever since I was Mondo last year and had to use a belt as suspenders. A good costume is dependent upon the details.

I decided to be Margot Tenenbaum this year mainly because of my hair. For some reason, wigs are never an option for me, and I always make my costume based upon my current hairstyle. Right now, it’s a blonde bob, so it just made sense.

I knew I needed a polo dress, fur coat (faux), and black orthopedic loafers. Seemed easy enough. I searched and searched for a blue stripped polo dress on eBay and could never find the perfect one. I ended up buying a Beverly Hills Polo Club dress from Apparel Zoo. My coat I purchased from a local vintage shop in Denver, Boss Unlimited. I am in love with it and will wear it again & again. My loafers I scored with on ebay. They are Bass Loafers. Normally $149, I got them for $9!

I was so happy with the finished product, down to the wooden (cardboard) finger. I will never again not put 100% effort into my costume.

margot tenenbaum costume

Done getting ready

margot tenenbaum costume

Finished look (forgot the cig)

margot tenenbaum costume

Me and Debbie Harry


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