My Hair Likes to Change

Yes, this post is about my hair. I know … what a dumb topic! However, I recently dyed my hair red, and thought it may be fun to show the progression for the last two years.

June 2009 - Dyed & growing it out

May 2010 - Long, fried on the ends

July 2010 - Super short & natural color

Dec 2010 - Started to grow it a little

April 2011 - Started going blonde & growing out the pixie

Oct 2011 - Blonde, Blonde

Dec 2011 - Blonde & Growing

Jan 2012 - RED


2 thoughts on “My Hair Likes to Change

  1. you look great (as always) in all of them but my personal favorites (and ones i am going to try and copy sometime) are april 2011 and july 2010 (to be clear, this is not a critique on your current new ‘do).

    keep on, girlfriend!

    • Thanks! My color is fading fast, so I have the feeling I will be in the market for a new brand at least. Fun to change. I really did love July 2010. So easy.

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