Is it Time for a Second Dog?

For the last few years, Bryan and I have thrown around the idea of getting a second dog. This is a serious decision.

Right now we have one of the best dogs in the world. We rescued Buster from a pound in Salt Lake City when he was around a year old.  From the beginning, he was a relatively easy dog. We only had to deal with growing pains, accidents and the occasional chewing for the first few months. He is the ideal dog for two busy people. He sleeps all day, and is active when I need him to be. Full of love, he is always at our side ready to cuddle.

The one thing that really changed with him was his interactions with other dogs. When we first took him to a dog park he loved it. He ran around and tried to play with the big dogs. Now (and I am afraid because of his lack of socializing), he stays by our side constantly, and snaps occasionally at other dogs. I’m wondering if giving him a best friend will be the right move.

I thought I would list out the pros and cons and see if anyone had any thoughts.


  • Buster gets a friend
  • Hopefully Buster learns to socialize
  • Bryan and I get a new baby
  • More fun for us
  • Could be blessed with another dream dog
  • Save a dog’s life


  • Could rescue a nightmare dog
  • More vet, food costs
  •  Harder to find dog watchers
    (However, I assume now I would just need to get housesitters)

So there it is. I know if we rescued another dog, I would look for that “Buster-friend.” This means another small cuddly sleepy pup.


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