The Real Housewives of …

I consider myself to be an intelligent, responsible and interesting person. I enjoy deep conversations with my friends and loved ones over bottles of wine and coffee where we discuss art, fashion and spirituality. While I feel all of this, I do know that I have one major weakness… any possible Real Housewives of ________ shows. I think this brings me down a few notches on the cool scale.

All joking aside, I really can’t get enough of this trash television. I never miss an episode. I love when two seasons are on at one time. I know way too much about all of the cast members. While I am 90% sure that I don’t like the fact that I watch the show so much, I thought I would indulge and write a little bit about the show on here. These are just ramblings and random thoughts.

If I had to put them in order, it would be:

  1. Orange County – The original, so I have to put this on the top
  2. Atlanta – I love Nene
  3. Beverly Hills – So much drama
  4. New Jersey – I am sucked in because I really want them to get along
  5. New York – Since everyone was fired, I am not sure what this will be like moving on
  6. Miami – Is this even going to be on again?

Best moment in Housewives history

  1. The table flip from season 1 New Jersey – this stands alone as the best drama filled moment

Favorite Housewives

  1. _____ I don’t want to put anyone on top of this list
  2. Caroline Manzo – She is just such a badass
  3. Kyle Richards – While she can be an attention hog, I like that lady
  4. Nene Leakes – Fabulous
  5. Vicki Gunvalson – Original housewife and powerful woman
  6. Bethenny Frankel – I really wish she was back on the show

These shows are completely scripted and don’t promote anything positive. The ladies should not be famous and I shouldn’t care about them. However, hey… it’s entertainment!


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