A Perfect Match -infoMania

What do get when you mix witty comedy, advertising, and pop culture? Answer, my new love. During the Super Bowl, I did my usual routine, try not to watch it. Most people like me watch it for the commercials, but for me, football just isn’t entertaining enough to keep my focus. This time I decided to get some work done, and turn on the old tube. I turned to current, the user generated news network. Typically when I watch current, I see some really interesting story, and this time it was some comedy show. I wasn’t too excited about that, but I was in for a treat. For those of you who like The Soup, there is show on current that you must catch, especially if you are a woman, it is InfoMania. Specifically there is a segment called Target Women. It is amazing. The host Sarah Haskins is hilarious when it comes to her critique on female culture. 

Just had to share this link with ya’ll. If you have current, it is on Thursdays at 10pm. But you watch online as well.


Pepsi must love Obama

The other day I was watching tv (usual) and watching the commercials (unusual, but tivo gets mad at me sometimes and doesn’t cooperate). I was so surprised to see that Pepsi had actually changed their logo. 

This logo to me of course resembles the old logo, but doesn’t it also look like Obama’s? I had been thinking about this a little more each time that I saw it. Not to mention that it also looks like the Korean Air logo. Not to original if you ask me. I wasn’t the only one who saw this though. In fact, Pepsi has even responded to the overwhelming criticism. Kinda sounds like Pepsi almost suggests that Obama saw inspiration in Pepsi. Mr. Frank Cooper from Pepsi, also seems to turn a press conference into an opportunity to reflect upon the state of the nation. It doesn’t seem to matter who is the copy cat, because actually both logos are supposed to reflect on optimism and happiness. :)

Does this change your mind?


heinz-ketchup012109It’s all how you look at it. Americans love ketchup, it it s fact. Or at least, I like to think so. We know that it is bad for us. We know that it has tons of sugar. And yes, we also know that generally it comes from tomatoes. But does changing the way that it looks change the contents?

Heinz has decided to play off of American’s new found “natural” health craze, and change its label. This is the first time since the 1940’s. They decided to put a vine ripened tomato on the label to convey a message that the product indeed does come from tomatoes. However, they did not change the contents of the ketchup. They knew they wanted a new label, and they knew what they wanted on it. 

I am sure they will see a bit of a rise in sales, much as they did when they came out with green and purple condiments. But if you ask me, they should have also worked on changing the inside contents. They have created an organic ketchup already, this just seems confusing.

Funny Gap

I have always loved Gap ads, ever since I was a young girl. I am so happy that they have gone back to the elements that made me fall in love with them. Simple, clean, classic photographs. The Fall 07 campaign was back to basics on all levels. It featured twelve celebrities in black white portraits shot by one of my favorites Annie Leibovitz. Of course, my favorite was of my girl Sarah Silverman. What a gem.  Maybe there is something odd about me, but I love everything about it, especially her expression of “This what a model does.” I thought this couldn’t be beat, but then today I got my special holiday mail piece from Gap that was again along the same lines of classic portraits of celebrities in Gap apparel. Only this piece had a few special people…Will Arnett and Amy Poehler. Now these two people could very well be my favorite celebrity couple. See how cool those classic pieces look on them? Could this top the Sarah’s? I can’t decide, I love them all.Sarah Silverman Amy and Will