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I have decided to start a new blog, a real blog. I would love for you all to go over and visit!




To my Grandfather & Abuelito

Until November 11, 2011, I had all 4 of my grandparents living. Both sets had been married for over 65 years and all provided me with healthy achieving role models. 

On November 11, I lost my Abuelito. My Mother’s father passed away with his family by his bed side. He was a Mexican-American family doctor who in fact, delivered my Mother. Always one to entertain, he was a very special grandfather who made everyone laugh.

On May 16, I lost my Grandpa McCabe. His memorial service was filled with people who looked up to him for being an incredible intelligent, devoted and Christian man. He was a WWII vet who was so dedicated to his family.

These men were so special. I am so blessed to have them in my life. I know they are both in a better place but I hope they know how much we miss them.


The Real Housewives of …

I consider myself to be an intelligent, responsible and interesting person. I enjoy deep conversations with my friends and loved ones over bottles of wine and coffee where we discuss art, fashion and spirituality. While I feel all of this, I do know that I have one major weakness… any possible Real Housewives of ________ shows. I think this brings me down a few notches on the cool scale.

All joking aside, I really can’t get enough of this trash television. I never miss an episode. I love when two seasons are on at one time. I know way too much about all of the cast members. While I am 90% sure that I don’t like the fact that I watch the show so much, I thought I would indulge and write a little bit about the show on here. These are just ramblings and random thoughts.

If I had to put them in order, it would be:

  1. Orange County – The original, so I have to put this on the top
  2. Atlanta – I love Nene
  3. Beverly Hills – So much drama
  4. New Jersey – I am sucked in because I really want them to get along
  5. New York – Since everyone was fired, I am not sure what this will be like moving on
  6. Miami – Is this even going to be on again?

Best moment in Housewives history

  1. The table flip from season 1 New Jersey – this stands alone as the best drama filled moment

Favorite Housewives

  1. _____ I don’t want to put anyone on top of this list
  2. Caroline Manzo – She is just such a badass
  3. Kyle Richards – While she can be an attention hog, I like that lady
  4. Nene Leakes – Fabulous
  5. Vicki Gunvalson – Original housewife and powerful woman
  6. Bethenny Frankel – I really wish she was back on the show

These shows are completely scripted and don’t promote anything positive. The ladies should not be famous and I shouldn’t care about them. However, hey… it’s entertainment!

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close: My Thoughts

Here is the situation. When I was in Europe between my junior and senior of college I began to read Everything Is Illuminated, by Jonathan Safran Foer. I loved it so much, that when I noticed that he had as second novel, I picked it up and devoured it immediately. It is no understatament to say that this book changed my life. It didn’t change my life in the way a self help book does, or a book that brings to light social travesties … it changed the way that I interacted with literature. It gave me a favorite book. It gave me a present to give to people who I care about. It gave me a passion.

So that is back story…

Now you know that the book has become a movie. The critics and viewers are not loving this at all. I went to see it this weekend, even though it has a 49% rating on RT and 6.2 stars on IMDB.

The most common complaints I see are that Oskar is annoying, that they did a terrible job making a 9/11 movie. Most reviews are negative. However, reading them all, it’s clear to me that there should be two categories of reviews: people who read the book, and people who didn’t.

Here are my thoughts, mind you, these are the thoughts of someone who has read the book around 9 times and cried when she found out Tom Hanks was going to be playing Thomas Schell.

Thomas Horn was an excellent choice for Oskar. 
Oskar is a weird kid. He is an extremely odd and intelligent boy who is ultimately 9 years old. Choosing a child, who is a boy genius was one of the best casting decisions I have seen. Here is a kid who is so smart that he teaches himself how to act. He is so believable as Oskar. I do wish he would have said some of my favorite phrases such as “Jose!”

I am so happy that it wasn’t a Tom Hanks show.
This story is about Oskar, not Thomas Schell. Some critics have complained that Tom Hanks was not in the movie enough. He wasn’t supposed to be. The story is not about him, it includes him.

I was confused by what was left out. 
There were multiple times throughout the film when I thought to myself Hmm, that’s missing. It’s inevitable, yes. I know that not everything in an entire novel can be included. There were parts in the book that were so monumental, that I don’t really understand how they could have been left out.

In the end, I need to see the movie again. Everyone I saw it with cried many times. I wasn’t moved to tears because I was doing too much analyzing. Part of me is mournful that I have now lost the “I wish they would make this a movie” feeling. I am also sad to no longer have the anticipation. The truth is I am happy. I will still recommend the book to everyone that I meet and I will always love everything by Mr. Safran Foer. I invite you to watch the movie and judge it for yourself.

My Hair Likes to Change

Yes, this post is about my hair. I know … what a dumb topic! However, I recently dyed my hair red, and thought it may be fun to show the progression for the last two years.

June 2009 - Dyed & growing it out

May 2010 - Long, fried on the ends

July 2010 - Super short & natural color

Dec 2010 - Started to grow it a little

April 2011 - Started going blonde & growing out the pixie

Oct 2011 - Blonde, Blonde

Dec 2011 - Blonde & Growing

Jan 2012 - RED