2010 : A Good Year

Well, 2010 is almost over. If came and went so fast.

Where I have been:

My theme for 2010 has been rediscovery. Most people go along life as a straight path, weaving in and out of different circumstances, events, and relationships. When it comes to my life, I feel that I have made some wrong turns, not mistakes, but I find myself sometimes in a place I have already been. I have to reevaluate where I am, in order to determine which way I should I have gone.

I started 2010 off in my hometown, living with my Mother. It was nice while it lasted. I enjoyed working from home, and spending time with my Mother and friends. My dear friend Amy and I reconnected, and it was a reconnection that I was in desperate need of. In regards to rediscovery, Amy is perhaps the person that has had the most influence in my life. We became friends and a crucial moment in our lives, and helped each other become young women. Meeting with Amy again has allowed me to reconnect with a younger version of myself, and it was a fun me full of Unity & Spirituality.

2010 was a year full of travel. My husband and I went around this country, not once, but twice with his band. The first tour went extremely well, and it was so nice not being the only girl on the road with the boys… my sister in law was able to join us. Spring is such a beautiful time to travel, I feel like we followed the wildflowers as they sprang up.

Our summer was a little harder than expected, with the tour not going as well as planned, but I enjoyed myself everyday and made so many amazing friends across the country. When I left on the summer tour, I knew that it would be my last long tour. This helped me to live in the moment and appreciate all that I saw. It also made me so ready for what came next.

During this  summer tour, Bryan and I decided to plant our roots again, and this time…in DENVER. Best decision we have made. Why Denver? Well many reasons, the main being, friends. It had been over 3 years since I lived in a place surrounded by friends, and it was time again. My best friends live here. Women who empower me, support me, and truly understand who I am. There are also new friends out here that are so welcoming and warm. Bryan has been thriving with his new hobby, home brewing and has started his own blog all about Home Brewing, Cramped Space Brew.

Denver is a city that loves community, small business, and vegetarians. I feel so at home here, and at the moment, cannot imagine living anywhere different.

Where I am going:

Changes will be welcome in 2011. I feel called to write on here what my goals are, maybe and hopefully I will stick to them a little better than I have done in the past.

I want to be a healthy and happy. Sounds simple… this means establishing a workout routine and cutting back on my sweets.

Get back into career mode. While lots of people want to get out of that mode, I want to be dedicated to learning new skills and advancing my career.

Connect with the Denver Community. This one should be easy, but I want to learn more about this city, and become a supportive resident.

The summary of my life right now is that I am happy. I have a wonderful loving husband who has been by my side for over 9 years, and this year is our 10th. In November of 2011, we will have been together for an entire decade, and a very important one. 16 years old to 26. I live in a city that I love, and I am surrounded by good friends. I have a loving family, who I am very proud of. I have a wonderful little dog, who is a huge part of my life and happiness.

Needless to say, I’m looking forward to the future.



The Beginning of My Summer Adventure

Well hello again. I figured today would be as good of a day as ever to give an update on my life on the road.

So far, God has truly blessed us with some great new friendships. The fun part about this tour, is that we get revist spots that we went to on the last, and say hello to people that we met only 2 months ago. This has led to great friendships all over the country. We started the tour traveling to Arizona, where the boys played two shows with their friends, Aids Free. They are a very cool punk/ska band that donates a proportion of their profits to Aids research. They showed us a wonderful time. Tucson in particular is a little jewel in the desert. It is full of good creative artist people, which makes the city feel rich in culture.

Then we moved onto Texas, home of the nicest people. We hit El Paso, Amarillo, Dallas, San Antonio, and Brownwood. We did run into a little problem with the van, and had to miss one of the dates, but God still blessed us by making it easier than expected. Sometimes you can actually take a step back, and marvel at God’s work with your life. By this I mean that I feel like he gave us a little challenge at the beginning of the tour, just so that we could overcome it, and work together, as cheesy as that sounds.

Now we are about to embark on a 3 week tour with the rest of CommunityRecords. I am so excited. This label is special, it is powered by forward thinkers that want to bring positivity into a world that dwells on the negative. I have a lot of respect for what they do, and I can’t wait to see what adventures come our way.

A quick note about positive thinking

Honestly, everything that you have heard about positive thinking working for you is true.

Through out the spring tour with ABE, I battled with caring too much about money, jobs, bills, etc. But towards the end, I read a book about living in the now. Creating a new consciousness in the world. People all over are waking up, and realizing that we can change our situation.

Once you decide that you want to live in the present moment, and forget about the past experiences that you have been told make you who you are, you have freedom, to break the cycle and become a much happier person. This may only apply to people like me, who although I considered myself to positive person in the past, I was guilty of keeping grudges, judging others, and having feelings of worthlessness. Yes, like many, I was considered to be depressed. Now though, I feel that depression is an addiction. It is something you are conditioned to think is ok. Every day, you go through the same song and dance, of feeling like crap, and this ironically becomes comforting.

Then one day, you can tell yourself, your true self, that is not you. You are not defined by sadness, but by peace. I believe our true nature is to be happy with what is around us. Not to ignore what “bad” is out there, but to ackowledge it, and not indentify with. After all, everything passes, happiness and sadness, good and bad. So, in the end, once you consider the present moment to be full of peace, you suddenly find youself in a consistent state of peace.

So that is my new realization. Though this is vague, I just hope it can inspire a few to see that positive thinking can free you. In the last month I have tried my best to stay positive about my situation (no job, broke, etc) and through it can happily report that I had work opportunities, and enough money to continue to live out on the open road supporting Bryan and A Billion Ernies. I believe this is what I am called to do, and the more things work out for the better, the more convinced I am doing good.

Up The East Coast

After Florida we headed up the east coast. Had a few long drives but they were beautiful. Growing up in California, I never really saw landscapes that were fully green wherever you look. Out on the east coast, it is so beautiful. South & North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, all these places make you understand why early settlers thought this country was so beautiful.

We spent a few days in Maryland recently. We stayed with Andrew’s girlfriend’s aunt’s house in Pasadena, Maryland. While the days were a little rainy, they were filled with lots of good times. Recently, they had a litter of boxers. There were 6, 1-month year old pups that were loving life. I couldn’t pull myself away. I was constantly surrounding myself with as many of them as possible.

7 of us also spent a day in Washington DC. Again, it was a rainy day, but beautiful. This was my second visit to DC, and I loved it. We went to 2 Smithsonian museums, The National Gallery, Washington Monument, and Lincoln Memorial. It was strange to see so many people wearing Obama hype clothing. Lots of kids on field trips wearing “I <3 Michelle Obama” shirts.

Now we are visiting old friends out in Cape May, NJ. It is sweet little coastal town. My friend is in the Coast Guard, and they have set up a nice little life out here. We have had a lot of days off recently, but I have been getting a lot done. I am so thankful to be here right now, and I know I wouldn’t be able to do this without God’s help. You can never underestimate what He can do for you.

Florida Sunshine

Writing this moring in a joyful mood. None of the band have really adjusted to eastern time. We have bee going to bed at 3, and waking up at noon. I forced myself not to do that today, and actually set my alarm to wake me up. I am showered and ready for the day, and it is only 11:44. I know, still sounds weird.

Well, let’s see… what has happened in the last few days. God has continued to show us how deeply he cares for us. I really just see God shining all around the country. You meet him, when you meet someone that makes you smile. We have been staying with some awesome fellows in the Tampa area, St. Pete to be exact. It is very beautiful this time of year down here. Not to humid, 80 degrees, sunshine. We are staying with two awesome and very generous guys who have let us crash here for the last 4 nights. It almost feels like a mini vacation for tour.

The last few shows have been full of new fans and excitement. The boys played at a catholic youth group event and it was pretty awesome. Kids were dancing, and loving everything that ABE played. The next show was in Miami, well close to it. It was at a venue/recording studio. A great place for kids to be, and I hope they know how lucky they are to have a place where they can go and hear some local music. The place is a lot like what Bryan and I would like to one day start. Something that allows musicians, and fans to interact and support each other with music.