My Hair Likes to Change

Yes, this post is about my hair. I know … what a dumb topic! However, I recently dyed my hair red, and thought it may be fun to show the progression for the last two years.

June 2009 - Dyed & growing it out

May 2010 - Long, fried on the ends

July 2010 - Super short & natural color

Dec 2010 - Started to grow it a little

April 2011 - Started going blonde & growing out the pixie

Oct 2011 - Blonde, Blonde

Dec 2011 - Blonde & Growing

Jan 2012 - RED



Who doesn’t love MONDO? 

For Project Runway ALL STARS my friend Jess and I are volunteering to officially be a part of Team Mondo. I was so excited when I found out that Mondo was going to be on the show that I didn’t hesitate when they put out the word for volunteers.

You can help too by becoming a fan of Mondo on Facebook, at

You can also join me at Beauty Bar every Thursday night for the viewing parties.

Here’s to you Mondo! Best of Luck!

Halloween Costume – Margot Tenenbaum

This year I tried to go all out and make a big effort for Halloween. I had been thinking about this ever since I was Mondo last year and had to use a belt as suspenders. A good costume is dependent upon the details.

I decided to be Margot Tenenbaum this year mainly because of my hair. For some reason, wigs are never an option for me, and I always make my costume based upon my current hairstyle. Right now, it’s a blonde bob, so it just made sense.

I knew I needed a polo dress, fur coat (faux), and black orthopedic loafers. Seemed easy enough. I searched and searched for a blue stripped polo dress on eBay and could never find the perfect one. I ended up buying a Beverly Hills Polo Club dress from Apparel Zoo. My coat I purchased from a local vintage shop in Denver, Boss Unlimited. I am in love with it and will wear it again & again. My loafers I scored with on ebay. They are Bass Loafers. Normally $149, I got them for $9!

I was so happy with the finished product, down to the wooden (cardboard) finger. I will never again not put 100% effort into my costume.

margot tenenbaum costume

Done getting ready

margot tenenbaum costume

Finished look (forgot the cig)

margot tenenbaum costume

Me and Debbie Harry

Gal Pals

Gal pals are what we all need in life. I have the best friends. I know that if I ever needed any one of them to drop everything and be there for me, they would. I would do the same for them.

Cheers to friends. Lifelong friends.



So I obviously have not been blogging. I wish that I was. To those who read this (family), life is a little cray cray right now.

Hopefully soon I will:
– Live in a home that I OWN
– Begin transformation of said home
– Have time to work on exciting side projects
– Begin to share with you, the interesting things that I find